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EEOC Issues Final GINA Recordkeeping Rules

In our January 16, 2012 edition of Legal News: Employment Law Update, we discussed companies’ numerous obligations with respect to employee recordkeeping. On February 12, 2012, the EEOC added another set of requirements into the mix, issuing its final recordkeeping rules for the Genetic Information Non Discrimination Act (GINA).… Continue reading this entry

Safe Harbors Emerge for Employers Under New GINA Regulations

The Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act of 2008 (GINA) was signed into law by President George W. Bush in May 2008 and became effective in November 2009. Title II of GINA prohibits employers with 15 or more employees, unions, employment agencies, and joint apprenticeship programs from discriminating against an individual based on his or her “genetic … Continue reading this entry

EEOC Issues Final Regulations Interpreting GINA

On November 8, 2010, the EEOC issued final regulations interpreting the federal Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA), which prohibits employers from requesting, requiring, or purchasing an individual’s genetic information or using genetic information to make employment decisions. The new regulations, which will take effect in approximately 60 days, clarify several of GINA’s definitions and provide … Continue reading this entry