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Car in the Pond Sinks Sales Rep

A recent decision by the NLRB provides insight and guidance to employers who are struggling to deal with the ever-expanding issues arising from employees’ use of social media. The Karl Knauz Motors case involved a BMW dealer that held an event called the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience, in an attempt to stimulate car sales. One … Continue reading this entry

Is Your Company’s Social Media Policy NLRA-Compliant?

Recently, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has renewed its scrutiny of retaliatory activity by employers based upon employees’ usage of social media. On January 24, 2012, the Associate General Counsel of the NLRB issued a second report on social media cases, which discusses common features of companies’ social media policies that, in the NLRB’s view, … Continue reading this entry

States and Feds Moving to Block Employer Access to Social Media

Employers are increasing the review of applicants’ social media sites as part of their standard hiring processes. A 2009 poll revealed that as many as 45 percent of employers regularly screen applicants through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and many of these employers have declined to hire candidates because the sites contained … Continue reading this entry

Can Employers in an FLSA Overtime Case Issue Subpoenas Concerning an Employee's Social Media, Banking, and Texting Activities?

Increasingly, employers are wrestling with how best to monitor and limit employees’ use of the Internet to conduct non-work-related activities. The issue may become more pressing in an FLSA overtime case, when an employer suspects (or an employee admits) that he or she spent a considerable amount of time during the work day using the … Continue reading this entry

Potential Loss of Attorney-Client Privilege Yet Another Social Media / Blogging Concern for Employers

Social media and blogging are quickly becoming areas of focus and concern for employers. In the past, we have encouraged employers to create social media and blogging policies and to be watchful of the content employees are submitting through these avenues, given concerns, among others, about protecting the status of confidential and trade secret information. … Continue reading this entry