Trump’s DOL Issues First Opinion Letters


Back in January, we reported that the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) was reviving the agency’s practice of issuing opinion letters at the request of employers.  The WHD stopped the practice of issuing opinion letters under the Obama administration back in 2010.  After nearly a decade, the WHD finally issued new opinion letters on April 12.  Below we will discuss two of the letters.

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New York City Mandates Cooperative Dialogue for Accommodation Requests

New York

New York City maintains some of the most expansive and comprehensive human rights laws in the nation. Two new amendments to the city’s laws, which address the process that employers (and other covered entities, such as public and housing accommodations) must use to evaluate reasonable accommodation requests from individuals with disabilities, add to the city’s substantial body of human rights law.  These city requirements are in addition to applicable disability accommodation duties under the Americans With Disabilities Act and state law.

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Paid Sick Leave Requirements Beginning to Resemble a Crazy Quilt of Legislation


The proliferation of paid sick leave (PSL) laws at state and local levels, with differing and sometimes conflicting provisions, presents compliance challenges for multistate employers.  Last week’s article presented a number of items often addressed in a PSL statute or ordinance.  This week, we offer some general policy considerations to assist employers who are confronted with compliance obligations in multiple jurisdictions.

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Supreme Court Overtime Case Signals A Pro-Employer Shift


What keeps employers up at night?  The prospect of collective action overtime lawsuits under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is right at the top of the list of human resources nightmares.

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How To Mitigate Inappropriate Watercooler Talk In The Current Sexually Salacious News Environment


Regardless of your political leaning, it is fair to say that national headlines over the past few weeks have been dominated by sexually charged topics. For instance, a porn star known as Stormy Daniels recently gave an extensive interview on the TV newsmagazine show “60 Minutes,” detailing an alleged extramarital affair with President Trump (Yes, I did say porn star). And, a former Playboy Playmate, Karen McDougal, sued a tabloid publisher, purportedly so she could tell her unabated story about her own extramarital affair with President Trump.

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