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Time To Stop And Actually Look At Your Bulletin Boards

When was the last time you stopped and looked – really, truly looked – at all of the workplace posters on your company’s bulletin boards? Many employers take the Ron Popeil philosophy of workplace posters and “set it, and forget it.” But failing to keep your workplace posters up to date can lead to unnecessary … Continue reading this entry

Tips for Avoiding “Convincing Mosaic” of Discrimination

After retaining an employee through two year-long tours of duty in the Middle East and countless military drills amounting to 900 total days of absence, allowing the employee to modify her schedule to account for her military leave, and providing several accommodations when the employee returned from war diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, you might … Continue reading this entry

Inner Workings Web Conference - February 23 - 11:30 CT

Deployment to Employment: Overview Of Military Veterans’ Employment Rights Compliant employers must know what they have to do; savvy employers should also consider what more they should do. An array of employment laws protect veterans and their families and incentivize employers to employ veterans. As thousands of troops continue to return home from all over the world to a struggling economy, are … Continue reading this entry

Fifth Circuit Decides That Protection From a Hostile Work Environment Is Not a "Benefit of Employment" for Service Members Under USERRA

Members of the armed forces are generally protected from discrimination in their employment by civilian employers under the federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). In addition to individual state laws that may protect service members, USERRA makes it illegal for an employer to deny a “benefit of employment” to a member of … Continue reading this entry

Employer Obligations Under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

Last week, President Obama announced the end of combat operations in Iraq. Although most of the 65,000 Americans serving there will either stay in Iraq into next year or be re-deployed, thousands will be returning to civilian life. Employers need to be mindful of the principal employment laws that protect the job rights of both … Continue reading this entry