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Proposed Texas Legislation Would Limit Employers’ Ability to Use Employees’ and Job Applicants’ Credit Information

Texas State Representatives Terry Canales (District 40, serving part of Hidalgo County) and Nicole Collier (District 95, serving part of Tarrant County) have proposed legislation related to employers’ consideration of credit information for employees and job applicants.  HB 317 amends Chapter 52 of the Texas Labor Code by generally prohibiting a covered employer’s use of … Continue reading this entry

Employers Should Be Wary of Credit Checks

Many employers require background and credit checks for their prospective employees. Increasingly, civil rights advocates and the EEOC have raised questions concerning the discriminatory impact of these practices. Under the disparate impact theory of discrimination, a seemingly neutral policy has a greater impact on protected individuals than those individuals not protected. When a claim of … Continue reading this entry