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Approved H-1B? Get the Ball Rolling on Your Consular Application Now!

Getting an H-1B nonimmigrant visa for new employment with a private employer in the United States has become an obstacle course that now even requires winning a lottery. The process has become so complicated that H-1B beneficiaries lucky enough to find a bona fide offer of employment, win the visa lottery, and actually have their case … Continue reading this entry

"You're Fired" Does Not End H-1B Employment

Making a Donald Trump “you’re fired” announcement may be sufficient to end the employment relationship with most employees, but not with those relying on H-1B employment authorization. As shown by Limanseto v. Ganze & Company, OALJ Case No. 2011-LCA-00005 (June 30, 2011), failing to take the additional steps required to complete a “bona fide H-1B … Continue reading this entry