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NLRB: Nonunion Employees Do Not Have A Right To A Co-Worker’s Presence During Investigatory Interviews

As we have frequently reminded our readers, even non-unionized employers need to pay close attention to the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) rulings and opinions as to employees’ rights under applicable labor law. For example, the NLRB has focused on employee handbook provisions – applicable to both union and non-union employers, which it considers to … Continue reading this entry

Protected Concerted Activity: NLRB Enlightens Non-Union Employees of Their Section 7 Rights

What does a Wisconsin manufacturing plant have in common with a national homebuilder in Deerfield Beech, Florida? Both are featured on the NLRB’s new Web page  that describes employees’ rights under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act to act together for their mutual aid and protection. The NLRB’s new Web page shows an … Continue reading this entry