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Defend Trade Secrets Act Immunization for Whistleblowers: More Effective Than the Average Flu Shot?

A unique feature of the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA)—the federal statute opening federal courthouse doors to civil claims for trade secret misappropriation—is that it gives immunity from civil or criminal liability to whistleblowers under federal or state trade secret laws for disclosing a trade secret in confidence to a government official or an attorney … Continue reading this entry

"Right of Inspection" Provisions - Are You Granting Access to Your Trade Secrets?

In an effort to promote responsible business practices, mass-market retailers often require their suppliers throughout the world to adhere to same ethical and compliance standards that the retailers (and/or U.S. law) demand of themselves. The goals of such standards are no doubt laudable – banning the use of child or forced labor, promoting environmentally responsible … Continue reading this entry

Your Licensee Knows Your Confidential, Proprietary Technology and Just Acquired Your Main Competitor: Can You Sue for Threatened Trade Secret Misappropriation?

A federal court in Washington State issued a ruling last week in Edifecs, Inc. v. Tibco Software, Inc., further limiting grounds for seeking trade secret relief arising out of the acquisition by a licensee of the licensor’s primary competitor. The United States District Court in Seattle dismissed trade secret claims that were based on the … Continue reading this entry