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Monopoly Money or the Real Deal? Exploring the Possibility of Paying Employees in Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the most popular form of digital or crypto-currency, is gaining traction as an investment vehicle and a way to pay for goods and services. More than 100,000 merchants worldwide now accept Bitcoin, allowing consumers to book a hotel stay, take a taxi, or buy a car.  The buzz around crypto-currency continues to grow as … Continue reading this entry

Restaurant Employers Take Note—the Fifth Circuit Offers Instruction on Proper Deductions from Credit Card Tips

The Fifth Circuit recently decided how much a restaurant employer could deduct from an employee’s tips received by credit card to offset the costs associated with collecting and distributing the tips. In Steele v. Leasing Enterprises, Limited, the Fifth Circuit concluded the employer can only deduct the direct costs associated with paying out the tips. … Continue reading this entry

Paycard Use Comes With Convenience, Regulation

For some employers, paycards have become a convenient and cost-effective alternate method to pay their workers, and for employees to have fast and easy access to their wages. Even direct deposit, for all the administrative ease it provides, is often less attractive than paycards for employees whose banks have a mandatory deposit holding period before … Continue reading this entry

When Is a Sales Rep Not a Sales Rep?

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are not in sales, at least for the purpose of wage-and-hour laws. Reversing a lower court’s decision, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that pharmaceutical sales representatives could not qualify for the “outside sales” or administrative exemptions to the overtime pay requirements of the federal FLSA. The FLSA (and many states’ … Continue reading this entry